Go. Promote. Train.

LightWk is a Christian mission organization that focuses on Christ’s command of discipleship-evangelism. We Go, Promote and Train for Christian missions using alternative, contextual and yet, biblical patterns for missions.

Our Core Values

At the heart of LightWk, these are what we regard as guiding principles. They are of central importance to us.


We preach the love of God demonstrated to a sinful and dying world.


We seek to surpass ordinary standards because we do all things as unto the Lord


We believe we are not made to live our Christian lives alone. We are members of a community and we move as a convoy.


We are answerable to each other. We correct each other in love.
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Our Vision

LightWk will become an effective & efficient group associated with raising young urban/artistic missionaries and promoting missions.

Our Mission

LightWk will deploy media and technology to raise young missionaries and promote missions.

From our blog

Photo by @soymeraki on Unsplash.

Heaven or Hell: Where do suicide victims go?

Just recently, my sister asked me a question about where suicide victims go, coincidentally, I've been thinking about the same thing. So I decided to write an article about it.

David Daniel David Daniel

David Daniel

Photo by @kellysikkema on Unsplash.

Overview of the Book of Romans (Part one)

As a community, we spent about 5 months in 2022, meeting four times a week to go through the book of Romans. In this post, i try to summarise our study.

Minkir Dawaki Minkir Dawaki

Minkir Dawaki

Photo by @liane on Unsplash.

True Safety is Found in Jesus.

This article is a timely reminder that in a time of insecurity, uncertainty and fear, our safety is found in no where else but in Jesus.

Yakubu Audu Yakubu Audu

Yakubu Audu


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We are very much open to partner with passionate organizations. So we would be glad to come to your School, Fellowship, Church, and so on.

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